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01 April 2012


But I like the stones the way they are! Wonderful building. Maybe grow grass on top?
Where did you find the ducks??! Always looking for good local ducks. Love cooking with duck fat too.

It does have grass on top. TJ had some sod left over from a job – just enough to cover the top and down the sides a little. Waiting to see how it handled the winter.

I got the ducks from Someday Farm. I don't know if they have them year-round. Want some duck fat? I have more than I can reasonably use. Bring a container by, I'll give you a couple of cups!

Would love some! When's a good time to stop by? Thinking Friday early afternoon?

Nice about the grass roof. I love a grass roof.

Sounds good. Come by @ 1, & if you want, bring the dogs and we can take a walk out to Paradise.

This is Great. Cynthia has been talking about a root cellar for years, on the list. I would think a bigger pipe would help with ventilation, you can always close it down during dry spells. I once built some Yurts, one of them we covered with sod,at times we had to water it without the benefit of running water. The only time I ever watered a roof! Lucky you to have a Stone Mason that's affordable!

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