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28 May 2012


Looks delicious! Great idea for quail. I think I'll get some today and do something similar.

Love this, thank you! I sure hate those corn buyers too -- i see all time time, despite the obvious signs that say not to open the corn. Sometimes I'm embarrassed for my fellow flatlanders who just don't have a clue! Looking forward to some farmers markets visits myself!!

Nice post, George. For the record - when the West River Farmer's Mkt began - right from the beginning we made a rule in the by-laws that there had to always be a higher percentage of ag vendors than craftspeople. I was on the original board, and that was a long time ago, so I don't know what has happened to this rule since then - the percentage numbers might have been tweaked even more on the side of the ag vendors. Anyway, I remember there was a lot of skepticism back then about the market being successful!!

Thanks for the history lesson, Anna. I was on the board in 2007 & 2008, and I recall there was a push to increase the percentage of Ag vendors.

Do you remember how many vendors there were originally?

I don't, but in my vague memory of looking around the market when I had a booth then I think you were about right - re 12. Might have been up to 18? Ann Hausslein might remember. She and I 'wrote' the By-laws after input from the board members. We had a kind of civil war that took place around then. There were a couple of vendors who didn't like the idea of By-laws or any rules or laws, and they tried to set the other vendors against Ann and me. They didn't succeed, but it was a bad scene for a while! And then a couple years later there was the problem with attempts to get portapotties in place. That sure was a hot, contested issue!

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