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23 December 2012


I was explaining to Matthew last week that Christmas cookies are not like regular cookies; you don't just bake them and immediately eat them. The point is to make several kinds, pack them away in tins and amass a stockpile of many varieties. He looked at me like I was crazy (pretty much the standard look these days). My only hope with 2 teenage boys in the house is to make a few varieties with nuts -- both are allergic!

Alas George, I only managed to do four types of cookies this year thanks to the worst cold I have ever had....knocked me off schedule by four days. Cucciditi, Florentines, Ginger Crinkles and Pfeffernusse. That said, last night at our annual dinner party there were also individual Tiramisu, and today I'm making a Bittersweet Chocolate Roulade. As for Carolyn's predicament, when the kids were little we kept the tins on top of the refrigerator, to denote they were off limits. Once they grew up they explained that off limits only works when you cannot reach the tins.....Merry Christmas.

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